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Reduce Problem-Behavior ABA

Reduce Problem Behavior

Implement effective behavioral treatment programs

Reduce Problem Behavior Using Research-Based Interventions

The responsibility of reducing problem behavior is at the core of any professional working in the autism or applied behavior analysis field. Helpful resources, including videos, virtual practice and learner engagement tools become essential "go to" training options for staff, and can also increase client outcomes.

Video Based Instruction

Video-Based Instruction

Techniques from real-life interventions that take place in home, clinic and school settings.

Evidence Based Practices

Evidence-Based Practices

Skill-based training performed by autism and behavior experts.

Functional Behavior Assessment

Functional Behavior Assessments

Techniques to assess the causes of problem behavior.

Tools and Resources to Reduce Problem Behavior

Download these helpful resources to reduce problem behavior and improve client outcomes

Setting Clear Behavior Expectations

Join Dr. Amanda N. Kelly, BCBA-D, LBA (aka Behaviorbabe) as she discusses effective behavioral strategies that will help save your sanity, while also getting your child to listen.

Learn how to set and develop clear behavior expectations with your child by watching the recording now!

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Practice Behavior Assessments Through Online Video

In order to provide effective strategies to prevent or reduce problem behaviors, teachers must be able to assess what is causing them. Download our virtual FBA toolkit to help you administer behavioral assessments in the classroom.

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Preparing for Crisis Situations

An important part of any training program, crisis prevention is essential when working with individuals with autism or other behavior disorders who exhibit problem behavior.

This interactive, scenario-based course provides instruction on how to prevent crisis behaviors and offers effective strategies on how to respond when they do occur.

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Tools to Reduce Problem Behavior

An effective and consistent approach to behavior management is essential in today’s outcome driven landscape. Agency directors and Special Education teachers must be more focused than ever on maintaining treatment fidelity and improving client outcomes.

Learn more about the evidence-based courses we have to teach BCBAs, RBTs and other autism professionals the critical skills and strategies needed to reduce problem behavior and improve client outcomes.

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