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Quality of Care in Health and Human Services

Quality of Care

The measurement of success isn’t in quantity of services provided

The Focus of Pay for Value is Quality Care and Meaningful Outcomes

Healthcare and the human services industry is shifting to measureable outcomes as the determinant of quality care and reimbursements. Successful providers of the future will deliver quality care, measure the impact of services provided and use outcome data to improve. Is your organization moving in the right direction?

Evidence Based Practices

Evidence Based Practices

Service delivery based on research and best practices.

Clinical Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes

Measuring the impact of services provided and using the data.

Staying Current

Staying Current

Keeping up with current regulations and best practices.

Quality of Care Tools and Resources

Download these helpful resources to help your staff learn to improve the quality of services provided

Making An Impact on Service Delivery

When your staff are well-trained and given the tools needed to do their jobs, the quality of care improves. Managers who have more time to work with and develop their staff instead of running reports, tracking compliance and nagging are more effective and satisfied.

Hear how Kim Starr McCain, from SCO Family of Services, experienced an improvement in quality of care with Relias supporting management and staff alike.

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Tools to Improve Quality of Care

Quality Care is more than what services are delivered, it involves how they are delivered, measuring the impact and then using the data to improve. Your direct care staff need more than training on best practices and effective interventions, they need feedback on how they are performing and training to adjust and fine-tune.

Relias has the tools and resources for managers to both train staff and review how they are performing. Learn more about how Relias can be an essential part of your overall performance improvement and quality of care program.

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Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement for Direct Care Professionals

Ensuring quality care is everyone’s job, not only management. Quality care is tied to clinical outcomes; and, if you’re not measuring how you’re performing and using that data to improve, you’ve only scratched the surface. It’s important that all staff at your organization know what it means to evaluate and improve the quality of services provided.

Watch this course preview to see how to help your staff understand how quality improvement not only impacts their job, but also your clinic or agency's performance.

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The Power of Personal Outcome Measures®

Many organizations find themselves stuck in "compliance mode" and are unable to get to the real quality of life issues. CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership's Personal Outcome Measures® form the foundation for organizational quality enhancement. Personal outcomes are important because they put listening to and learning from individuals served at the center of organizational life.

Watch this preview to see how the Personal Outcome Measures® courses lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of the personal outcomes approach so you and your staff can identify and explore the practical use of personal outcomes across service settings.

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