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Person-Centered Care

The "Expert" isn't who you think it is

On the Path to Wellness and Self-Sufficiency, We are Passengers

We know what is not effective: the medical model where the professional is the expert delivering a treatment plan to the patient with which to “comply”. Successful care is driven by the person being served. The services are provided by a coordinated team who work together, seeking guidance from the person they serve.

shared decision making

Shared Decision-Making

All treatment decisions are made collaboratively as a team.

Personalized Care

Personalized Care

Each individual served is unique and care plans need to reflect this.



Care begins with respecting the strengths, skills and needs of the individual.

Person-Centered Care Tools and Resources

Download these helpful resources to help your staff learn effective strategies for providing person-centered care

Changing Vision Into Action: The New CMS Regulations for HCBS

Join Cathy Ficker Terrill, CEO of The Council on Quality and Leadership as she discusses the new federal rules for Medicaid waiver funded services from the perspective of organizational change. She will also highlight the New Home and Community-Based Setting Requirements (HCBS).

Watch the recording to discover the importance of evaluating your organizational practices, learn about policies and other systems important for sustainability and consistency, and the importance of using input from the people you serve to make organizational change.

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Person-Centered Planning

Historically, treatment plans for individuals with mental and behavioral health challenges focused on symptom reduction, behavior management, decreased hospitalization, and treatment compliance. They seldom explored what the individuals hoped for in their lives. Today’s healthcare system is increasingly focused on recovery-oriented care, along with empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own future.

Learn more about what makes the person-centered planning approach different from traditional treatment planning as well as the importance of promoting the active involvement of the persons receiving services in identifying their strengths, desires and needs.

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Tools to Provide Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care a way of providing services that recognizes the individuals receiving care as equal partners in the planning, development and monitoring of their own care and if it meets their needs. This is a shift from the prior medical model in which individuals had to conform to the practices that care providers determined appropriate.

Person-centered care is a model that is much more inclusive. Individuals are able to receive better care and better outcomes. Learn more about the courses we have to help your staff provide a person-centered approach to care.

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