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performance feedback

Employees are Your Most Valuable (and Expensive) Resource

Are you giving your employees what they need to excel every day?

Make the Most of Your Most Valuable Asset

If you are like most healthcare organizations, your employees are your most expensive asset. Your employees thrive on direct, immediate and actionable feedback. Delivered by competent and confident managers who know how to motivate and guide their workforce.

giving feedback

Giving Feedback

Immediate, ongoing feedback help employees excel.

performance reviews

Performance Reviews

Formal review processes and documentation are cornerstones of success.

difficult conversations

Difficult Conversations

Learning to actively pursue difficult conversations improves management skills.

Tools and Resources for Performance Feedback

Download these helpful resources to help motivate and guide your workforce.

5 Steps to Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations

Successful managers are able to provide ongoing, timely and honest feedback to employees. Providing positive feedback to reinforce behavior is just as important as addressing problems as they arise in a constructive, solution focused manner.

Do your managers have the tools and skills to proactively address and improve employee performance? It’s human nature to avoid difficult conversations, don’t let your managers wait until the boiling point. To learn more, download the whitepaper.

Download the whitepaper

Performance Feedback Best Practices

Almost every organization has a formal performance review process; the scheduled meeting between manager and employee to review the document detailing the employee's accomplishments and shortfalls during the last year. Providing feedback to employees is one of the most critical tasks a manager does, and to be most effective, it happens more often than the annual review.

Join us to learn best practices in giving feedback to employees, both positive and constructive, to improve job skills, address concerns as they arise and develop your employees into quality performers.

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Manager Tools: Performance Feedback

In the healthcare industry, how well your staff perform and deliver services can make or break your organization. As funding shifts to pay for value, outcomes and performance are even more important than ever. Regardless of technological advances, managers developing their people into the highest performers is still key to success.

Relias has the tools to help managers improve formal reviews and informal feedback as issues arise, with the confidence to tackle difficult conversations.

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