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Relias Learning Paths: Learning that Delivers

Science-based prescriptive learning designed to measurably improve outcomes

Relias PATHS

Equip Your Staff to Provide Top Quality Services

Focus your learning programs on activities designed to change staff behavior and improve clinical outcomes.

Outcome Focused Competency Development

Ensure your staff is ready to provide the best quality services to result in meaningful outcomes.

Relias Learning Paths are prescriptive learning programs designed to change behaviors through targeted learning. Learning paths begin and end with an Assessment, to help staff and organizations across the healthcare continuum increase their knowledge in a targeted growth/risk area.

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competency development

Stay Competitive by Driving up Patient and Consumer Satisfaction

Improving expertise and elevating service leads directly to happier patients and clients.

patient satisfaction

Preparation for an Evolving Market

Healthcare is changing fast. No longer is keeping your staff compliant enough. You need to build competence to ensure your staff can perform at its highest level and keep your organization relevant. Your patient/residents experience is tied directly to the knowledge and skillset of your staff.

Are you assessing, developing and measuring how you stack up?

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Cultivate High Performing Leaders

Arm existing and emerging leaders with the right skills to engage and retain top talent.

You Can’t Do It Alone

The success of your frontline managers has a direct impact on the overall health of your organization. They must be able to communicate effectively with an array of different personalities, direct and delegate to employees who may be suffering from burnout, manage change with minimal disruption, and maintain a positive workplace.

Ineffective managers present a substantial risk to an organization, increasing turnover, decreasing satisfaction, and having a negative effect on financial performance. Relias Learning Paths help organizations mitigate the risks created by ineffective or simply inexperienced managers.

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Better Quality Care Leads to an Improved Bottom Line

Mitigate risks by addressing organizational deficiencies or staff competency gaps.

better quality care

Prepare for the Shift to Value-Based Payments

Target the costliest and most important measures with prescriptive training that assesses and teaches the clinicians who have immediate impact on patient care.

Through behavioral-based curriculum design, PATHS help staff form habits and sustain knowledge retention and performance improvement over time in order to promote the best financial results in a value-based payment environment.

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building effective learning programs

Webinar: Building Effective Learning Programs

Watch our on-demand webinar that discuss the instructional design behind Relias Learning Paths.

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