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Relias Retention Solutions


Remedies to retain your best talent, at every stage, all in one place

Employee Engagement

Great care comes from an engaged workforce. Ongoing support and interesting, relevant education empower your team to be at its best everyday.

Relias Learning Management System (LMS)

The Relias LMS makes it easy to keep even the most remote staff engaged with mobile-optimized delivery.

Features such as micro-learning sessions at the point of care, memory boosters, simulated learning, and gaming elements engage employees while improving knowledge retention and application for optimal effectiveness.

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Relias mobile app
Skillsoft learning content

Skillsoft® Learning Content

Through a partnership with Skillsoft, the global leader in workforce development and training, Relias offers courses on employee wellness, building a positive organizational culture, and motivation.

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Wellness Series

Engaging courses, optimized for mobile learning, are designed to acknowledge the importance of your staff's own wellness and help address burnout issues so they can continue to provide the best care for clients.

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Relias Wellness Series

Resources to Get You Started

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Caring for the Caregiver Webinar

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From Turnover to Engagement Webinar

increasing employee engagement with mobile learning

Leveraging Mobile Learning for Employee Engagement & Performance Whitepaper