Nurse aide and home health aide certification programs

Create Your Own On-Site Clinical Aide Certification Program

The most direct route to solving your nurse aide or home health aide staff shortages.

Build Your Own Pipeline of Caregivers

Whether your care setting is a skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, hospital, home health agency, or adult day care, you know that certified caregivers — nurse aides and home health aides — are the backbone of your business and a critical factor in your financial health. But finding and retaining high-quality clinical aides is a huge challenge. Instead of spending thousands of dollars with staffing agencies every month, create your own pipeline of caregivers with Relias’ Clinical Aide Certification Programs!

Our Clinical Aide Certification Programs Help You:

Reduce Staff Turnover Costs

Continuously recruiting and training caregivers is expensive! Our programs show clinical aide students exactly what to expect in the role, and participants build a sense of loyalty to your organization because they started their career with you.

Improve Well-Being of Care Recipients

Having a fully staffed clinical aide roster not only improves employee morale, but also allows you to provide your care recipients with the attention they need to stay safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Grow Your Business

The last thing you want is to turn away potential patients, residents, or clients because you don't have enough clinical aides to provide quality care. Building your own clinical aide certification program helps you better manage your staff-to-care recipient ratios so you can grow your business.

The Backbone of Your Nurse Aide or Home Health Aide Training Program

Building on Straightaway’s legacy software, Relias’ Clinical Aide Certification Programs give you the tools and support you need to establish your own in-house nurse aide (certified nursing assistant, or CNA) or home health aide training program.

State-Approved Curriculum

Relias provides an engaging online curriculum and clinical skills checks fully approved by your state’s governing body.

Hosted Live Training Platform

The Clinical Aide Certification Programs run on Relias’ live training platform, an online learning environment built to deliver live healthcare education programs to students training for clinical roles. The intuitive interface makes class coordination and delivery easy for your instructors. It offers your students effective and engaging tools to give them the best possible chance of passing your state’s certification exam.

Retention Tools

Use the mobile-friendly check-in system and mentorship courses to make sure your newly minted caregivers feel supported and thrive in their new working environment.

Assistance With State Approval

To run your own clinical aide training program, you must first gain approval from your state’s governing body. Relias can assist you with your state’s application process, including helping complete the application, interacting with state regulators, answering regulatory questions, and more.

“While looking for solutions to nurse aide staffing and retention, I ran across the Straightaway program from Relias. This program is research-based and has a realistic approach to the position of nurse aide. The training to become a nurse aide is excellent and the mentoring program to retain them afterwards is a great new approach that has been needed for a long time. I can’t wait to track my improvement in nurse aide training and retention.”

Diane O. Gatlin
Administrator at Thomasville Health Care & Rehabilitation Center

Learn How Relias Can Help You Build Your Own Nurse Aide or Home Health Aide Training Program