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social determinants

Chronic Diseases

Successfully managing complex, high-cost populations

Investing in education will help providers improve care, appropriately
leverage staff, and hit their clinical and financial performance goals.

Chronic diseases cost the United States' health care system billions of dollars every year. Working with providers, payers can ensure that staff members are comprehensively trained around chronic disease care and management to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

provider education

Provider Education

Provide foundational education on how to accurately assess, and treat physical and behavioral symptoms.

patient education

Patient Education

Increase patient satisfaction and outcomes by equipping patients to self-manage their treatment plans.

care teams

Successful Care Teams

Build care teams who effectively work together to provide integrated care by establishing checkpoints.

Tools and Resources to Manage Chronic Diseases

Educating provider staff on how to assess, treat, and manage high-cost populations.

Checklist: Components to Consider to Successfully Manage Costly Chronic Diseases

Succeeding in a value-based environment will require investment in primary care and a more comprehensive management of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are significant cost drivers, accounting for over 85% of total healthcare costs in the U.S.

Use this checklist to assess your current management of chronic diseases and learn steps you can take to build a more comprehensive program


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Chronic Disease Management Training Resource: Understanding Your High-Cost Populations

Learn about the challenges of managing chronic diseases - the highest expenditure in the United States healthcare system, costing billions of dollars every year.  Provider staff also need to be well-versed in how comorbidities play a factor in assessment and treatment strategies.

Offer your providers an education solution that creates a common understanding of high-cost, manageable populations and knowledge on building successful care teams.


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Patient Education Tool: Educate members where they are, in their language, on their device

Our new tool delivers patient education through micro-learning modules that deliver information in under 5 minutes. These short courses help patients with new diagnoses or chronic diseases self-manage their conditions outside of the doctor's office. This simple tool can maximize patient compliance in their follow up care, mitigate financial risk associated with non-compliance, and improve outcomes for a few dollars per patient.


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Get Started on Building Clinical Expertise
and More Effective Care Teams

Relias offers specific library categories designed to help payer staff and providers effectively manage and treat the most complex and high cost members. Relias's provider education resources range from targeted training packages like the Chronic Disease Management training package, to comprehensive libraries covering important topics, such as ingrated care, behavioral health, and special populations such as long term care (MLTSS). Content is delivered using the science of adult learning, which incorporates interactive elements such as scenario-based learning.

Relias also offers patient education through a new line of micro learning courses, called Patient Pro on the Go (POTG) modules, which deliver information in under 5 minutes. These short modules help patients with chronic diseases self-manage their conditions outside of the doctor's office.

Learn more about how we can work together with your providers to ensure that your teams can retain and apply useful knowledge for diagnosing and treating complex populations, as well as provide timely patient education.