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Nursing & Caregiver Assessments

An evaluation and feedback solution to help you hire, onboard, develop, and retain the best staff for your organization.

#1 in Healthcare Assessments

Relias Assessments is the national leader in holistic, healthcare assessments. People serving people is the foundation of post-acute care and to provide the best quality of care, you need to start with quality hires. Relias offers clinical and behavioral assessments tailored to post-acute care services which provide detailed information validated to predict job success and equip you with in depth insight on how best to develop your staff.


Holistic Assessment

Evaluate clinical competency and behavioral characteristics to predict culture fit.

Versatile Use

Use for applicant screening, new-hire selection and placement, post-hire orientation and onboarding, internal transfers, competency tracking, and identifying leaders.

Externally Validated

External experts have confirmed a statistically significant relationship between a candidate’s score and their ultimate job performance.

EEOC Compliance

Adhere to the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures to ensure job-relevance and inclusion for all protected groups.

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Specifically designed to assess the personnel of your post-acute organization:

Front Line Staff & CNAs

OTs, PTs, & SLPs

RNs & LPNs

Managers & Administrators

C-Level & Board

Validated, Predictive Assessments

Relias Assessments evaluates competencies and generates easy-to-use reports in two areas critical to an employee’s success.

Our two validated, predictive assessment types provide scores against national benchmarks, giving hiring managers a point of reference to predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in a specific role.

Clinical Assessments

Provides insight into job knowledge and critical skills a nurse or caregiver must have on day one within their respective roles.

Behavioral Assessments

Assesses personality attributes such as the ability to work in teams, handle high-stress environments, and provide excellent customer service.

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“A formally validated, legally approved assessment process evaluating the ‘whole’ candidate – clinical skills, personality/attitude and interpersonal skills – has demonstrated impressive results in improving retention rates of both graduate and experienced nurses and has been expanded to include Allied health and non-clinicians.”

Lori Halula, Director of People Operations, Mission Health

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The Power & Versatility of Assessment Data

Relias Assessments provides robust reporting to identify strengths and areas of improvement of individual employees. Our reports generate rich data on the individual staff member, which is used during the hiring process to screen candidates and shape interviews. In addition, this data is useful during post-hire for customized onboarding, enhanced life-long learning, lateral transfers, and leadership succession plans.


Data-Driven Hiring

Hire nurses and caregivers with the right mix of clinical competency, behavioral characteristics, and interpersonal skills to fit their role and the organization’s values.

Interpersonal Interactions

Provide recommendations on how to best work with an individual based on personality attributes.

Personalized Onboarding

Gauge different skills and knowledge to create tailored, targeted onboarding plans per individual learning needs. Measure changes in clinical competencies and behavior over time.  

Succession Planning

Measure aptitudes unique to leadership roles within your organization. Identify those with personality traits to lead.

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of U.S. nurses have been assessed in the last 6 years


Clinical exams encompass nursing & allied health specialties


Assessments completed by clients around the world

Proven Impact of Relias Assessments

Reduced Turnover

A large health system with 6 different locations experienced an 81% reduction in turnover after two years with a cost-savings of $2 million. Similarly, a smaller single-facility community hospital with approximately experienced a 79% drop in turnover after two years.


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Building Stronger Teams

Quality Hires

Quality Care Begins with Quality Hires

Fact Sheet

This fact sheet discusses the significance of hiring and retaining a quality candidate to meet organizational goals through the utilization of assessments.

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Lower Nurse Turnover

Identify and Retain Talent

Case Study

This case study explains one organizations journey to standardizing their pre-hire screening process with Relias Assessments, whereby they lowered their overall 90-day attrition rate by 4% and reduced turnover by 81% over 2 years.

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