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Using Online Training for Home Care and Hospice

Using Online Training for Home Care and Hospice

Creating new learning programs and meeting accreditation needs



"I’ve never seen, in any format of learning, some of these new programs that Relias is rolling out. The fire safety, the scenario — it’s not just going to catch the younger generation we’re hiring, but those of us a little bit older will enjoy learning something new, interesting, and engaging."


AT Home Care


"I was literally overjoyed, over the moon to find Relias. We actually were able to customize it to the extent that we needed to in order to make it fit our needs and still meet our implementation goals."

transitions lifecare


"I knew there had to be an easier system than what we were using. I was given references of other hospices of similar size that had implemented the Relias system had really positive things to say about how the implementation went and how it had been accepted by their staff."