• Heather Sones

    Heather Sones PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Veterans Health Administration


What Managers Need to Know to Prevent Burnout

Caring for the Caregiver

In healthcare and caregiving related professions, employee burnout and turnover occurs at higher rates than in other industries. Issues of trauma, bereavement, and compassion fatigue are unique to human service workers and create a unique and more challenging work environment. Since burnout impacts all levels of an organization, identifying and addressing it should be everyone’s responsibility, however usually it’s left to the individual employee.

As an executive, manager and/or leader within your organization, you can do more than provide information to employees about self-care. You can reduce burnout and turnover while creating a healthier and more productive work environment.

Watch this webinar to discover

  • The basics of burnout; signs and symptoms, issues specific to healthcare and related professions, and the impact on the workplace
  • Strategies for identifying and addressing burnout in the workplace, at the organizational level
  • Elements of a successful program to address burnout and resulting benefits to the organization

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