Drive DSP Career Development: Cost Effective Ways to Help Your Employees Grow

About This Webinar

Executive leaders of organizations providing support for people with disabilities regularly indicate that their ability to recruit, maintain, and properly develop the DSP workforce is a top priority for the continued success of their organizations. Direct Support Professionals are the most integral component to providing quality supports in the IDD community. They are the face of your organization and are ultimately one of the biggest factors in your organization’s reputation in the community.

Unfortunately, many DSPs don’t see an opportunity for professional growth within their career which can lead to turnover, disengagement, and poor performance. However, we know that when employees see an opportunity for growth, both personal and professional, they become more engaged and effective contributors. As organizational leaders and managers, it is vital to build a vision for advancement that will excite your employees.

This webinar focuses on cost effective strategies for:

  • Identifying the right people for the right role
  • Developing the right career development plans
  • Professional certification opportunities
  • Employee engagement throughout their career
  • Natasha Fisher

    Director of Strategic Marketing, Relias


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