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Reduce Readmissions in Today’s Healthcare Market

During this webinar we looked at the increasing value of cardiopulmonary rehab in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. With the push to improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs, rehab in general, and cardiopulmonary rehab specifically, can enhance the patient’s quality of life while reducing the likelihood of additional expensive treatment or readmission liabilities.

Providing quality, practical clinical education to clinicians that can be implemented immediately in the workplace can enhance outcomes and improve competency while adding to the bottom line.

Key topics discussed:

  • The value of a multidisciplinary approach to clinical education
  • How cardiac and pulmonary rehab can reduce readmissions to the hospital
  • The wide range of rehab courses now available from Relias Learning

Date: On-Demand
Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A


keith winsor

Keith Winsor

Senior Product Manager – Therapies, Relias Learning

Patricia Lounsbury

Patricia Lounsbury, RN, BC, BSN, MEd, CCRN, FAACVPR

University of Iowa


Jane Kipper, RN, MA, FAACVPR

Senior Product Manager – Therapies, Relias Learning


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