Value-Based Purchasing

About This Webinar

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. Now, with new incentive models such as value-based payments, provider reimbursement is more and more being tied to the quality of care delivered, measured by clinical care standards.

Situated at the middle to far ends of a risk continuum, these models hold opportunity for improved margins for the provider and savings for the payer, but are accompanied by increased risk. Providers must be preparing their organizations for this shift in order to sustain business growth in a value-based purchasing model.

During this webinar we cover:

  • How the US healthcare industry has changed with population health data insights
  • How the current fee-for-service system comes up short in driving health outcomes
  • The concepts and key elements of a value-based purchasing model
  • The challenges present in shifting toward a value-based purchasing model
  • How to conceptualize which value-based purchasing model is the best match for your organization’s current business status and service delivery model
  • How to overcome the challenges related to business shifts required for value-based purchasing models
  • Tom Friedman, MPA

    Senior Product Manager in Payer and Community Health, Relias

  • Carol Clayton, PhD

    Chief Translational Neuroscientist, Relias

  • Justin Hess, M.S.

    Product Manager for Assessments, Relias


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