Using Behavior Analysis to Teach Vocational Skills

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Getting "Ready to Work" in WorkPlace Settings

When preparing for vocational settings, it is important for us to focus on building pivotal skills, such as reading and writing, following instructions, and being able to perform simple and more complex tasks. In this training, we review ways to assess learners prevocational and vocational skill sets.

In addition, we review ways to teach any skills that may be missing or weak in the learner’s repertoire. Possessing leisure skills and developing appropriate ways to “fill time” is a skill needed in the workplace setting. This webinar identifies a few skills and shares how they could be targeted.

During this webinar we:

  • Review assessments for determining pre-vocational and vocational skills to address
  • Discuss effective strategies for teaching these skills
  • Identify leisure activities appropriate for workplace settings


Amanda Kelly PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

Clinical Training Coordinator, Positive Behavior Supports, Corp.