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The Key to High Reliability

About This Video

Improving patient safety and reducing risk is about increasing high reliability. When clinical teams are performing at their full potential, the result is high quality, safer patient care. But what’s been missing is innovation to measure proficiency – and the actionable means to reduce team variation…until now. Join us for a special presentation on Monday, October 17 at 11:30am EST to learn how healthcare organizations are reducing risk with data never before available. Heather Moore, Director of Risk Management, Quality, and Compliance at Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), will explain how her organization uses predictive analytics and personalized learning to measure proficiency among clinicians. Joining her is Dr. Mark Simon, Vice President of Medical Affairs, to discuss physician engagement and the value of an assessment-based, personalized learning model. For the first time, OBHG can quantify variation, which represents potential risk, and then individualize education options for those that need it most. OBHG began their journey using GNOSIS, the nation’s most prolific analytics and learning solution, now being used by 12% of all OB physician attendings and 15% of all OB nurses in the U.S. By introducing GNOSIS, healthcare organizations are documenting significant improvements including a 10 percentage point average increase in clinical proficiency and a 55% reduction in claims exposure


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