• Stephen Eversole

    Stephen Eversole Ed.D., BCBA-D

    , Behavior Development Solutions


Strategies for Universities to Increase BCBA Exam Pass Rates

Is Your University’s BCBA Prep Course in Danger?

As the BACB prepares to publish pass rates for university prep courses, some universities may need to revamp their program to stay competitive. Steve Eversole, creator of the CBA Learning Module Series, leads this one-hour presentation on tools and strategies that universities around the country are adopting to help their students pass the BCBA and BCaBA exams.

In this presentation, we discuss what tools are currently being used by universities to ensure that students are equipped to pass their boards. Steve Eversole will discuss the current state of university pass rates and the impact of such information becoming public knowledge. Steve will describe how the CBA Learning Module Series has adopted strategies and best practices in strengthening students’ preparedness. The newest version of the CBA Learning Module Series includes features, such as: pre/post tests to identify areas of focus and alignment with the new 4th edition task list. This webinar is for people preparing the BCBA and BCaBA exams and for professors and university department heads who want to increase their students’ pass rates.

Watch this webinar and learn to:

  • Identify the reason for the decrease in the pass rate of the BCBA exam.
  • Identify the pass rate of users who complete the CBA Learning Module Series.
  • Describe the benefit of a formative evaluation to professors.
  • Identify three resources for preparing for the BCBA/BCaBA exam.

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