Saving Our Children: Current Considerations for Preventing Suicide in Children and Adolescents


About This Webinar

In 2020, suicide was the second leading cause of death among individuals between 10 and 14 years old, and the third leading cause of death for individuals 15-24 years old (CDC, 2020). Rates of suicide among children and adolescents continue to increase, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and related issues, making it essential for behavioral health clinicians and other professionals working with this population to stay abreast of information and resources related to suicide among young people. After providing a foundation for the problem, this webinar will discuss what cultural and COVID considerations need to be made in order to provide the best care for children and adolescents; explore the role of parents, guardians, and other caregivers in suicide prevention, and talk through next steps and tools to effectively screen for suicide in this population.

This is an intermediate-level webinar and as such we will not be discussing basic information in the prevention and intervention of suicide (general risk factors, assessment, etc.).

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the problem of suicidality in children and adolescents, including who is at highest risk
  • Identify cultural and COVID considerations when working with suicidal children and adolescents
  • Discuss the role of caregivers in suicide prevention
  • Understand common suicide screening options available


  • Dr. Laura Leone, DSW, MSSW, LMSW, Consultant, National Council for Mental Wellbeing
  • Sara Seidel Beall, NCC, LCMHC, Product Manager – Behavioral Health, Relias

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