Roadmap to Fighting the Opioid Epidemic White Paper
White Paper

Roadmap to Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

About This White Paper

Recent research indicates that the opioid use and abuse is worsening; new drugs, increased fatalities and a drain on our healthcare resources.  This is a public health issue that is rightly termed an “epidemic” as it includes both illicit and prescription opioids. Increasingly our complex, high-cost patients with multiple medical conditions are struggling with opioid abuse or addiction.

The federal government has dedicated resources and funds to the states through the 21st Century Cures Act for both prevention and treatment. As healthcare providers and payers are improving compliance with parity laws, we are seeing more opportunities to meaningfully stem the tide of this epidemic.  Providers and payers need to be educated on best practices for identification, intervention, and treatment for individuals with the potential to abuse opioids and those with existing opioid use disorders.


  • How did we get here? Brief history and scope of the problem
  • Strategies for prevention and intervention
  • Tools for providers and payers to improve treatment outcomes

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