Prophecy + Partnerships + Passion = Successful Outcomes

About This Video

A recent Prophecy study has shown wide variation in competency among nursing talent pools in major metro areas across the U.S., where on average 25% of applicants do not meet the passing Angoff score in clinical knowledge. Trinity West Michigan, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s understands the importance of identifying a high performing methodology for screening new nurse candidates to determine their clinical proficiency and compatibility with the culture of nursing specialties. With Prophecy included as part of West Michigan Mercy Health’s process improvement initiative, they have been able to demonstrate that high-performing, fulfilled nurses thrive which ultimately leads to higher nurse satisfaction and improved quality of care. For this transformation, hiring managers used an evidence-based selection process to leverage the use of highly relevant quantitative information about applicants to improve selection decisions. Two key decisions were made as they reformatted the hiring framework. First, nursing strengthened their partnership with Talent Acquisition for Selection and Onboarding. Second, they maximized use of a valid and reliable talent selection tool set framed around 6 best predictors of job performance. Theresa McGuire, MSN, RN-BC Magnet & Vizient RN Residency Program Coordinator from Trinity West Michigan, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s explains how nurse leaders were able to reduce turnover while at the same time improve nurse satisfaction and quality of care.


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