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Preventing Rehospitalizations

How to Change Your “When in Doubt, Send ‘Em Out” Way of Thinking

In today’s climate of penalties to hospitals for unnecessary rehospitalizations, your ability to keep residents in your facility will not only provide better care for your residents, but develop good relationships with your local hospitals. This recording will help you improve processes to keep residents and clients where they belong – in your facility or in their home.

Download this webinar to discover:

  • Reasons why returns to the hospital are not desirable
  • Four strategies for clinical staff to help reduce or avoid re-hospitalizations
  • Strategies to make transitions to other care areas successful
Date: On-Demand
Duration: 57 minutes


Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore, RN

Content Developer, Relias Learning

Jennifer has been in LTC for 12 years, and currently serves as the Content Developer for Relias Learning. She has held numerous positions in LTC, including serving as a DON, Medicare Nurse Coordinator, Nurse Consultant, Area Manager, and Director of Quality Assurance. Previously, Jennifer was responsible for establishing a zero-house-acquired pressure ulcer program and her company’s community restraint-free initiative.

On-Demand Webinar