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Preventing Financial Fraud in Senior Healthcare

What Providers Need to Know About Financial Exploitation

In today’s society, just about every type of financial fraud is on the rise and the world of senior healthcare is not immune. Nursing homes must arm themselves with knowledge of current laws and regulations to keep their facilities and residents safe, while also making sure to safeguard their systems through the creation of policies, processes and controls.

Similarly, financial exploitation is the fastest growing form of elder abuse today. As many as 1 in 10 elders experience abuse, neglect and/or exploitation (ANE), rising to 1 in 2 for individuals with dementia. Elderly residents can be particularly vulnerable to financial exploitation due to cognitive decline, physical disability, recent loss of a partner or family member or when under the influence of an antipsychotic.

preventing senior care financial fraud white paper

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  • The current state of fraud in long-term care
  • 6 keys steps to safeguard your residents
  • What part of the senior population is most vulnerable

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