Palliative Care Training To Drive Outcomes

Palliative Care is One of the Fastest Growing Medical Specialties in the Country

The value of palliative care programs is well documented, and a growing body of research shows that palliative care can help hospitals, health systems, and community providers achieve their goals—high-quality, coordinated care at low costs. What’s more, palliative care has tremendous benefits for patients and families who receive it.

The number of 50+ bed hospitals with palliative care teams grew 164% from 2000 to 2013,* and almost 90% of 300+ bed hospitals now have a palliative care program. But these outcomes don’t just happen because a program exists—they only happen when teams are properly trained in the principles and specific skills of palliative care.

Learn how organizations are using palliative care training to measurably improve HCAHPS scores and clinical outcomes.

  • The rapidly expanding presence nationally of palliative care teams.
  • The importance of an interdisciplinary approach designed for every member of the team.
  • Improving skills related to communication, goals of care, and care transitions.
  • University research on the clinical impact of palliative care training.
  • Overview of innovative video vignette courses from ELNEC.


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