• Elise Valdes

    Elise Valdes PhD, MS

    Director of Research, Relias

  • Rola Aamar

    Rola Aamar PhD

    Senior Clinical Effectiveness Consultant, Relias

  • Bess Stanton

    Bess Stanton Dr.

    Chief Medical Officer, Partners Training Academy

  • Barbara Hallisey

    Barbara Hallisey

    Director of Recovery Solutions, Partners Behavioral Health Management


Opioids: Predictive Analytics Target Who and How to Help

About This Webinar

As the impact of the opioids are being felt across the country, health care providers, payers, first responders and community members are looking for ways to proactively address the epidemic. One solution may be this real-world strategy rooted in predictive modeling to identify at-risk members and develop intervention strategies to minimize the worst outcomes.

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