<p><img src="//relias.innocraft.cloud/piwik.php?idsite=2&amp;rec=1" style="border:0;" alt=""> Using Measurement Based Care Techniques for Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care

A critical component to success for programs that attempt to integrate behavioral health into primary care settings is the use of measurement based care (MBC) principles. In the same manner that diabetes and hypertension management involve screening for the condition, measuring the severity, and using metrics to measure for improvement, MBC uses validated instruments to measure the severity of mental health and substance use symptoms to provide quantitative clinical feedback regarding progress or lack of progress that is used to drive treatment decisions about medication changes, therapeutic interventions, referrals, and other recommendations. MBC enables the treat-to-target approach that is familiar for other primary care conditions.

During this webinar we go into detail about:

  • Specific metrics and tools to use
  • Workflow consideration and challenges in collaborative care and other settings
  • Costs and benefits
  • Requirements from standards organizations
  • Pros and cons of narrow versus broad assessment and monitoring strategies, with an emphasis on multidimensional strategies.

Date: On-Demand
Duration: 1 hour



Steve Daviss, MD, DFAPA

Chief Medical Informatics Officer, M3 Information


William Emmet

Principal at Emmet Consulting and past Executive Director of The Kennedy Forum


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