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Preventing Maternal Mortality Resource Kit

About This Toolkit

Recent media has brought necessary attention to the national maternal mortality crisis. Maternal death and harm is largely attributed to obstetrical hemorrhage, unmanaged hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, and more recently, unnecessary C-sections—all deviations from national evidence-based guidelines.

At the root of the problem lies the high level of clinical practice variation from hospital to hospital, from provider to provider, from care team to care team.

To help your organization identify, understand, and reduce variation in care, Relias has developed a resource kit that includes:

  • Materials to share with your team on the leading causes of maternal mortality
  • Best practices to improve maternal safety from leading perinatal safety organizations, including Dignity Health (now part of CommonSpirit Health), Providence St. Joseph Health, St. Luke’s, and BETA Healthcare Group
  • Information on how obstetrical education is evolving to yield clinical improvements

Inside you will find 5+ white papers, webinars, infographics and more!

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