Is There an Epidemic of Mass Shootings?

About This Webinar

We have witnessed the worst mass shooting in American history.  When Omar Mateen killed 50 people in a nightclub in Orlando, the anger, the fear and the remorse resounded throughout our country. At the news, a common reaction was “not again”. The horrific number of victims has led people to believe that there is a rise or even an epidemic of mass shootings.

But is this the case?  Is it getting worse? Watch this presentation on the definition(s) of mass shootings and look at a handful of recent studies and databases that track this phenomenon.  The studies vary in what they consider a mass shooting and where they obtain their data.

The truth is that one victim dying from violence is too many. However, before we begin blaming (guns, mental health, Islam, etc), let’s get a look at the stats.


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