• Alyson Erwin

    Alyson Erwin

    VP of Analytics, Relias

  • Melissa Lewis-Stoner

    Melissa Lewis-Stoner MSW, LCSW-C

    Group Product Manager, Relias


Integrated Care in a Value-Based World for Behavioral Health Organizations

About This Webinar

The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving with new payment models and care delivery models that focus more on whole-person and integrated care. Physician success impacts the health systems because of physicians’ integral role in health care delivery. Health systems need to be clinically driven, have access to actionable information, data, insights, and clinical support tools that provide a comprehensive view of a patient’s care as well as provider performance.

In this webinar, we discuss how a rich performance management analytics solution can work in tandem with existing clinical initiatives targeting your at-risk populations. In addition, learn how to engage your providers to ensure your success with new payment models.

Alyson Erwin, Vice President of Analytics, and Melissa Lewis-Stoner, Senior Product Manager – Health & Human Services and Public Safety, give you a close-up look at how the Relias Analytics platform helps you ensure better care for your high-risk and rising risk members as well as the general population as well as how you can best engage your providers and ensure your financial success with new payment models.

Learn how we can help you:

  • Get a longitudinal view of individual members
  • Measure your performance and identify improvement opportunities
  • Identify high-risk probability and rising risk members
  • Measure the impact of care initiatives
  • Identify opportunities for providers to standardize to evidence-based practice and engage them with you in this effort

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