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The General Inpatient and Continuous Home Care Levels of Care

Higher Level of Care Eligibility

A significant number of hospices are experiencing payment-related scrutiny for the delivery of the General Inpatient (GIP) and Continuous Home Care (CHC) levels of care. Understanding the regulatory requirements for utilization of the GIP and CHC can mitigate payment-related scrutiny by ensuring documentation sufficient to support payment for the GIP and CHC levels of care. Learn the essential elements of compliant GIP and CHC policies and clinical documentation to support eligibility and payment for these levels of care.

After watching this webinar, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the contributory factors to regulatory scrutiny of the Continuous Home Care (CHC) and General Inpatient (GIP) levels of care
  • Delineate criteria and required elements of documentation that support the use of the CHC and GIP levels of care
  • Determine clinical appropriateness for the CHC and GIP levels of care
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