• Kimberly Moss

    Kimberly Moss PhD, RN, CNE, ODCP

    Organization & Leadership Development Consultant,

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    Blake Ingram

    Senior Vice President , OnCourse Learning Healthcare

  • Noelle Trinder

    Noelle Trinder RN

    Clinical Education Director, Banner Health


How to Thrive Communicating Across Generations

About This Webinar

Does it seem as if different generations have a different language? You think you’re a good communicator but all too often feel as if your messages aren’t getting across in the way you intended?

Collaborating, working with and communicating across generations can be complicated and delicate. Each generation has different communication styles and perceives areas of interaction uniquely: teamwork and accountability, engagement and motivation, and respect. Leadership styles also influence what and how messages are communicated.

What are the best ways for nurse leaders to communicate and navigate their way amidst multiple generations toward success? During this webinar the experts from CE Direct at OnCourse Healthcare walk you through generational distinctions and provide you with stories from the floor along with best practices for successfully communicating across generations

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Nuances of the five generations currently employed in the nursing industry
  • How key areas of interaction: teamwork, engagement, motivation, loyalty and respect are perceived across different generations
  • Best practices for communicating across generations

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