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Excellence in Training

Taking Your Training to Higher Levels

Understanding and implementing effective training strategies is key when preparing officers for the real life scenarios they will face. ILEETA and Relias Learning are committed to raising the bar for training in the law enforcement profession and have partnered to bring you this webinar.

Download this engaging webinar to discover:

  • Two questions that will serve as a powerful filter for all information related to training.
  • The four words that are the secret to conducting effective debriefings.
  • Keys to effective training.
  • 7 frustrations your officers have with PowerPoint and how to fix them. 
  • The key to using imagination to program officers for success.
  • Why you may be setting officers up to fail, and possibly die, through the use of videos.
  • Two words to eliminate from your vocabulary as a trainer.
Date: On-Demand
Duration: 1 hour


Brian Willis

Brian Willis

President, Winning Mind Training

Brian is an internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, author and trainer and the President of Winning Mind Training. His focus is on helping law enforcement officers, trainers and leaders achieve personal excellence by understanding life’s most powerful question: What’s Important Now? (W.I.N.). Brian was the 2011 Law Officer and ILEETA Trainer of the Year.

On-Demand Webinar