Organizational Excellence for CCRCs

Independent and Assisted Living
Workforce Shortage

About This E-Book

The shifting tides of the healthcare industry continue to challenge CCRCs and life plan communities to maintain occupancy rates, manage staff competency across multiple service lines, and more. Your organization needs a solution that helps you conquer these challenges and reduce risk, elevate performance, and improve outcomes. 

Mastering compliance and developing staff competencies are both foundational to achieving these successes. Yet for CCRCs, compliance encompasses different sets of regulations for different settings across the continuum of care, and the staff turnover crisis continues to affect hiring, onboarding, and training. 

Relias can help. Our platform makes it easy for CCRCs and life plan communities to train and develop staff, navigate change, and master compliance. To learn more, read the e-book, Organizational Excellence in Healthcare. You’ll learn how you can partner with Relias to:  

  • Maintain compliance  
  • Improve hiring and development  
  • Increase referrals 
  • Improve outcomes  
  • Reduce cost 

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