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The Ebola Virus: What You Need to Know

How to Protect Yourself and Your Organization

Since the CDC reported the first laboratory-confirmed case of Ebola in the United States at the end of September, you can't turn on any media outlet without hearing about this deadly virus. While outbreaks of Ebola have occurred several times in Africa, there have never been any laboratory-confirmed cases of Ebola in the United States... until now.

The recent events surrounding Ebola in the United States should be a wake-up call to ALL healthcare organizations. How much does your staff know about Ebola? Would your staff know how to respond if one of your patients were exposed to someone with Ebola? 

Download this webinar to learn important information on:

  • What the Ebola virus is
  • How the Ebola virus spreads
  • How you can prevent transmission
Date: On-Demand
Duration: 30 minutes

On-Demand Webinar