Developing Teams to Address Low Level Workplace Threats

Developing safer workplaces

It was once considered part of the job. Healthcare professionals, case workers and support staff are often verbally abused, cursed at and event hit by those whom they are trying to serve.  While much attention has been paid to Active Shooter protocols, the reality is that lower forms of workplace violence are much more common.  They need to be addressed because of the impact on employees and likelihood of escalation unless properly addressed.
The good news is that workplaces have the resources right in the offices with workers learning how to take care of each other. Security is not just the guard’s job but the perception shift has to be made so that security is seen as everyone’s responsibility.   Management can develop Prevention Teams so that co-workers and frontline supervisors can support each other when these incidents arise and stop them from escalating.
This webinar will help managers develop and refine these teams to develop safer workplaces, improve team cohesion and improve security for the entire workplace.

Participants will learn:

  • The value and reason for developing Prevention Teams
  • How to assess the what issues and locations that need to be addressed
  • Who should be on the team
  • Developing protocols and procedures
  • How to train and run practice drills for the team
  • How to debrief and document incidents
  • Johnny Lee

    Director, Peace at Work


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