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Changing the Way We Do Business

Board and Senior Management Development

During this webinar we explored recent trends and practices in the field of disability. This review addressed the challenges presented by the changing external environment in the areas of public funding and financing, service provision, and state and federal priorities. Learn seven organizational strategies for improving sustainability and strengthening both board and senior management leadership. In addition to describing key strategies, we reviewed the six guiding principles for initiating and sustaining the transformation within the organization. 

Download this webinar to discover:

  • 3 key trends in disability service and support over the past ten years.
  • Trends and demographic trends that will shape public policy and service delivery in the next decade.
  • The most important critical success factors for your organization in changing the way it does business.
  • The guiding principals for promoting transformation that would have the highest pay off for your organization.

Hosted by James F. Gardner, Ph.D., of J Gardner & Associates

Date: On-Demand
Duration: 50 minutes

On-Demand Webinar