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Addressing Overweight and Obesity in Individuals with Mental Illness

About This Course

Consumers of mental health services die decades earlier than the general population largely due to preventable, treatable, and modifiable risk factors and conditions. Included in these risk factors and conditions is obesity, which is one of the most common health concerns seen in persons with mental illness resulting in significant morbidity and mortality.

This course is designed for behavioral health professionals who work with those individuals who are at risk for becoming or are overweight or obese. In this course, you will learn the prevalence of obesity in the general population and the behavioral health population, as well as the contributing factors in persons with behavioral health problems. You will study evidence-based strategies and approaches to identify, prevent, minimize, and reverse overweight and obesity. You also will learn how to apply these strategies and approaches in the behavioral health setting by engaging and collaborating with clients to develop realistic wellness strategies and goals. The primary aim of this course is to educate you on the need to identify and manage weight problems in people with mental illness and to assist you with knowledge and skill development to address overweight and obesity in individuals with mental illness.


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