ABA in the School Setting

About This Webinar

Interventions based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) have long been touted as effective for children with autism. Students who demonstrate the maximum benefit are those who receive early and intensive intervention (25-40 hours of ABA per week). With service recommendations as dense as this, it is necessary for the therapy to be integrated into all faucets of life, including community and school-based settings.

If individuals receive intensive services when they are younger, generally require fewer hours of therapy/consultation as they age. In middle school and high school years, in addition to academic needs, the majority of support tends to be surrounding social development and job-readiness skills. While individuals with autism have responded favorably to therapy, it is important to emphasize that ABA has also been demonstrated to be effective for learners aside from those on the autism spectrum.

During this webinar we:

  • Offer a brief overview of applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Share resources related to successful integration and inclusion of ABA in the classroom setting
  • Amanda Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

    Clinical Training Coordinator, Positive Behavior Supports, Corp.


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