• Mary Lynch Barbera

    Mary Lynch Barbera PhD, RN, BCBA-D

    , Barbera Behavior Consulting, LLC


10 Components for an Effective Autism Program

Regardless of Age, Ability Level, or Setting

With Autism diagnoses on the rise, educators, service providers and parents often come to us with one common question: “How can I successfully implement an autism program?”

During this webinar, you will not only learn about the ten steps but be given valuable examples, so that you can implement therapy with fidelity.

After this webinar, you’ll be able to share:

  • How and what to assess
  • How to select reinforcers
  • How to optimize the environment for learning
  • How to pair yourself with good things
  • How to keep teaching sessions positive
  • 80/20 guideline
  • How to teach errorlessly
  • How to be consistent
  • How to make data-based decisions

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