Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 2010


Carol Clayton
Carol Clayton
J. Veach
W. MacFadden
J. Haskins
J.P. Docherty
J.P. Lindenmayer


Analytics, Behavioral Health, Integrated Care, Medication Adherence, Mental Illness, Past, Prescription Practices


Are Clinicians Aware When Their Patients Are Non-Adherent?

Assessment of clinician awareness of non-adherence using a new structured scale

This study evaluated physician’s accuracy in identifying patient medication adherence using the Medication Adherence Assessment Tool (MAAT). The MAAT is a tool designed to help physicians rate risk factors that may increase a patient’s risk for non-adherence to help identify those patients who are non-adherent. Physicians in Alaska, Missouri and Utah were asked to complete the MAAT for patients to whom they had prescribed antipsychotic medication and then rate each patient as adherent, partially adherent, or non-adherent. The researchers obtained pharmacy data from Medicaid that indicated whether patients were refilling their prescriptions as indicated and used this as an objective measure of patient adherence. The authors compared the objective pharmacy data to the MAAT ratings and found that physicians could not successfully predict patient non-adherence using the MAAT tool, and were unaware when their patients were non-adherent.  Future research should investigate methods for increasing physician awareness of mednonadherence, such as providing physicians with objective pharmacy data.

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For more information, you can find the full study in the journal, Journal of Psychiatric Practice.

CITATION: Clayton, C. D., Veach, J., MacFadden, W., Haskins, J., Docherty, J. P., Lindenmayer, J. P. (2010). Assessment of Clinician Awareness of non-adherence using a new structured scale.  Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 16, 164-169.