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Hiring Right, Every Time

With increased need to demonstrate positive outcomes and cost efficiency in acute care settings, Nursing Managers have increased pressure to hire staff with not only knowledge in their field but also with interpersonal skills and technological competence to provide optimal outcomes. Prehire assessments are becoming a necessity to identify staff with these characteristics. This paper provides a review of one such prehire assessment platform comprised of three tests-- clinical, situational judgment and personality/behavior that can be used to create a combined score that can effectively predict job success.

This aricle reviews the process of crafting and validating the assessments and how well the results of the assessment correlated to job performance. In addition to improving the job performance levels of potential nursing staff, substantial financial gains through reduced turnover costs can also be realized by using prehire assessments. 

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For more information, you can find the full study in the journal, Nursing Management

CITATION: Higgins, J., Kuthy, J.E., Sadler, F., Gonsalez, R. & Biddle, D.D. (2013). Hiring right, every time. Nursing Management44(9), 51-53.