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Access to convenient, immediately applicable training and continuing education is critical for the retention of skilled therapists in any rehabilitation therapy setting.

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Continuing education content for physical, occupational, respiratory therapies, in addition to content designed for dietitians, diabetes educators, and nurses.

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Our Advanced Therapy Library provides more than 300 courses aimed at enhancing the professional skills of physical and occupational therapy practitioners which are needed for professional license renewal. These courses allow practitioners in a variety of care settings to broaden their knowledge and skills needed.  Topics in this library include: cardiac and pulmonary rehabiliation, wound management, diabetes and more.
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Hear how TLC Management in Marion, Indiana utilizes Relias to increase their level of care.


Impact Story: TLC Management

"Relias has helped us increase our level of care. The way I can verify that is those facilities that have a higher level of compliance, those that are up in the 90% completion rate every month, are the ones that consistently get the higher ratings. In fact most of those facilities are now Five-Star facilities."

Robert Vardaman
TLC Management

Florida Laws and Rules
SUMMARY The new Florida Board of Nursing requireme
A Comprehensive Look at Dysphagia Management
This course will define and identify how to utilize evidence based practice to ensure clinicians make their most informed decisions on dysphagia treatments.
A Comprehensive Look at Swallow Assessments
This course will define and review all evidenced based assessment methods for the swallow.
Therapeutic Interventions for Parkinson’s Disease
This course reviewed the EVB intervention strategies for speech, cognitive, and swallowing difficulties utilized for Parkinsons Disease (PD)
Interventions for Low Back Pain
Discuss the the guidelines of diagnosis, examination, and interventions of low back pain.
Examination of Low Back Pain
Discussion of examination measures and the psychometric properties of various outcome and activity/participation restriction measures for low back pain.
HIV and AIDS - Florida Laws
This course will cover HIV/AIDS and the Florida laws that relate to the care you provide.
Workplace Violence Prevention
This webinar will help participants look at the environmental, procedural and personal dynamic that lead to workplace violence.
The Two Most Common Forms of Workplace Violence: Hostile Encounters and Domestic Violence
This program will emphasize the most common forms of workplace violence.
Beating Workplace Violence: Assess, Defend, and Survive
We address how to determine the likelihood and severity of a threat, how to secure your workplace and active shooter response protocols.

Rehabilitation Therapy Resources

Helpful resources related to rehabilitation therapy

White Paper

November 23 , 2015

Senior Care Employee Engagement Home Health Workforce Development Assisted Living CCRC Post-Acute Care Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Therapy

Demystifying Employee Engagement for the Senior Care Executive

Does your staff feel connected to your residents, each other, and to the organization’s purpose? This white paper will put employee engagement within your reach.


August 05 , 2015

Post-Acute Care Rehabilitation Therapy

Discover the Value of Cardiopulmonary Rehab

View this webinar to learn the value of cardiopulmonary rehab and the role it plays in reducing the chances of additional treatment or readmission liabilities.


May 01 , 2014

Post-Acute Care Rehabilitation Therapy Pharmacology

Pharmacology and Considerations for Rehabilitation Intervention

Learn the principles of pharmacology and how the pharmacology of pain may impact a patient's outcomes