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Workforce Tools

Your training system does more

An LMS is More Than a Library of Courses

Gauge feedback, test on-the-job skills, and push out required organizational documents to staff with Workforce Tools.

competency tracker

Competency Tracker

A customizable competency measurement tool based on a defined standard and scale used to gauge the proficiency of desired behaviors and achievement of objectives over time. Includes built-in reminders and automated reporting on scores and completion.
Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Are you tracking policies and procedures on paper? Do you need to confirm that everyone in your organization has read a specific document? Reduce inefficiencies while you ensure employees review revised policies and accurate reporting by using the Relias learning management system (LMS). Policies and Procedures let you upload, assign, review, and report on policies and procedures within the Relias LMS.
Skills Checklist

Skills Checklist

You may already use skills checklists, or skills competencies, to have employees demonstrate specific job-related tasks—but how do you create and record these evaluations? Make your checklists consistent and recorded in one place by creating them right in the Relias LMS. Our checklists are tablet-compatible—which makes recording observations in the field quick and easy.

If you are looking for diverse and copious resources, top-of-the-line customer service, unconditional support and sharing of information, building your knowledge base every time you enter the network system -- our Relias LMS membership is one I value the most when it comes to staff training. This is a company that really walks the walk and talks the talk.

- Leslie Cohn, IT, EMR & Clinical Training Coordinator