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QuickStart Curricula

QuickStart Curricula

Quickly create curricula using pre-built, customizable templates to suit your staff's needs.

Creating Training Plans Can Be Complex

We've created a faster, easier way to get your training started

Get started quickly

At Relias Learning, we realize that creating training plans can be complex; especially when state and federal requirements must be met. Busy professionals don’t have a lot of time and often don’t have dedicated experts on staff to handle training.

With our new QuickStart Curricula feature, we’ve created a faster, easier way for you to get started by including pre-built, customizable templates to suit your training needs.


Key Features


User-friendly curriculum template view

The intuitive interface allows users to easily find curriculum templates


Customizable curriculum templates

After selecting a template, customers can easily swap, add, or remove courses

Why Our Customers Love QuickStart

Removes the burden of overwhelming choices

QuickStart Curricula gives our customers an idea of what courses other organizations may be taking, which makes their selection process much easier while still offering a level of choice required to meet their organizational needs.

Give users a place to start

This is just one more way we want to make our customer’s lives easier - by creating an easy to use plug and play model they can benefit from whenever they need to create a curriculum.

Save Time

QuickStart Curricula speeds up the curriculum building phase to allow customers more time for other important things on their plate.