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Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

Set your staff up for success by developing and managing their performance.

Reliable, Measurable Progress

Keep track of your staff's retention, skill level and progress all in one place.

End-of-Course Assessments

End-of-Course Assessments

Each Relias course comes with a built-in, post-course assessment.
Skills Checklists

Skills Checklists

Learn how to measure your staff's demonstrated abilities on-the-job.
Staff Competencies

Staff Competencies

Measure clinical proficiency based on behaviors you specify, and then periodically track the progress.

Assessing Knowledge

Boost retention and set your staff up for success with post-course assessments.

Ensuring Retention

Post-course assessments enable you to learn how well your staff retain what they learn in order to effectively determine their strengths and opportunities for development. 

Assessments can be customized to indicate acceptable passing scores, the randomization of questions, and to determine the number of attempts allowed to retake the exam.

You can also create and include your own questions and add commonly used questions to the exam question pool to reuse for another assessment.

assessing knowledge in RLMS

Confirming Skill Application

Measure your staff's demonstrated abilities on-the-job.

Assessing Competency

Assessing Competency


Managing Staff Competencies

Easily track and maintain employee competencies in one place.

Gauging Proficiency

The Competency Tracker tool allows you to gauge employees’ clinical proficiency directly within the Relias learning management system (LMS) based on standards you specify – and then track the scores periodically to view a progression training outcomes for each employee.

The benefits of this tool are endless. Easily measure, track and benchmark your staff’s proficiency by using built-in reminders and automated reporting on scores and completion. Frequency, behaviors and measurement scales can be changed to suit your needs; competencies can be role-specific, for example, based on new hires or leadership, and courses can be assigned directly within the tool to help employees complete required trainings.

clinical proficiency RLMS

With Relias, I know that all employees who complete a class have been exposed to and tested on the same high-quality material—not an individual’s interpretation of the information.

- Vice President of Human Resources