Relias Launches Opioid Risk Solution to Help Healthcare Organizations Fight Opioid Misuse and Overdose

Full-suite solution combines machine learning and evidence-based intervention plans to deliver measurable improvement for both providers and patients

CARY, NC, October 29, 2018 – Relias, a trusted partner focused on reducing variation in care for more than 8,000 clients around the world and across the continuum of healthcare, announced today the release of their Opioid Risk Solution suite. The solution uses machine learning and predictive modelling to identify consumers at risk for dependency or mortality due to opioid misuse and overdose, and comes just as the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, a large, bipartisan bill to address the opioid crisis, has been signed.

The Relias Opioid Risk Solution powers better population health management at the patient level, while also giving insight at the provider level to help identify issues and intervene with providers performing outside of benchmarks.

“Relias provides solutions to identify and address problematic opioid prescribing practices as well as identify and treat individuals who are at risk of opioid misuse/abuse,” said Carol Clayton, Translational Neuroscientist at Relias. “Unlike other solutions, Relias employs actionable analytics, targeted learning and intervention plans to deliver measurable improvement for both providers and patients in the fight to reduce opioid use and abuse.”

The Relias Opioid Risk Solution is designed to work in concert with an overall Opioid crisis strategy to address this national issue, which the CDC estimates has a total economic burden in the US of $78.5 billion a year, including the costs of health care, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice involvement.

The solution stratifies patients according to their risk of problematic opioid use and overdose, giving providers the information they need to identify at-risk patients. The solution is continuously updated to reflect developments in the fields of pain management, opioid pharmacology, substance abuse treatment, and other relevant learning.

The Opioid Risk Solution lets payers, managed care and behavioral health organizations employ risk stratification to gauge how their provider network is performing at the population and patient level by applying opioid quality indicators to identify providers who are prescribing outside of benchmarks, allowing them to deploy a tiered intervention strategy to mitigate the associated risks.

Provider organizations and health plans can manage the full solution suite through the Opioid Dashboard in our Population Performance tool. This includes Patient Member and Population Data Visualizations as well as Informed Learning which embeds direct links to learning content encouraging providers to enroll in the course to learn “how” to improve.

To learn more about the Relias Opioid Risk Solution, providers and payers can watch a one-minute video on the solution, or email:

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