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Long Term and Post-Acute Care

Long Term and Post-Acute Care

Optimize Performance

Unleash Your Staff's Full Potential

Engage, motivate, and empower your teams

Drive Faster Results

Relias helps accelerate high-performing teams by leveraging advanced applications and communication tools with measurable results. Our solutions help unleash the performance of human capital by engaging, motivating and empowering teams to execute strategic goals.


Tools That Drive Growth

Elevate skills and measure outcomes


Skillsoft’s Fortune 100 Business Skills

Courses, such as the Leading Teams: Establishing Goals, Roles and Guidelines, and Changing a Culture after an Acquisition/Merger, elevate the skills of your management team to drive results.


Competency Tracker

Helps you measure performance based on the behaviors you identify and track it to view a progression of skills and training outcomes.

21st Century Learning Science

Immersive learning anywhere, anytime you need it

Simulated Learning

Accelerates adoption of outcomes-based behavior because staff learns by performing actions within a course to teach a specific desired outcome. Experiencing a task inside the learning increases knowledge retention and performance.


Interactive Learner Gaming

Elements move your staff from completing training because they “have to” to becoming active participants in their own professional development.


Mobile Optimization

Provides the convenience of accessing learning on mobile devices. Mobile micro-learning courses are ten minutes or less to provide bursts of information to improve learner retention.

  • simulation course
  • simulation course
  • simulation course
  • simulation course