National Council Partnership

National Council Partnership

Working together to build a better workforce

Certificates of Excellence

A new certification program designed to help organizations becomes Centers of Excellence

A New Accountability for Health Outcomes

The recent passage of the Excellence in Mental Health Act, along with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and the Affordable Care Act, provides mental health and addiction treatment organizations new opportunities to serve their communities.

Relias's new certification program offers an interim guide for providers to advance their practices by moving toward the concept of “Centers of Excellence.”


We have new accountability for health outcomes, and this responsibility requires both skilled staff and effective leadership. I am excited to introduce the Certificates of Excellence program. We want to support all National Council member organizations in becoming Centers of Excellence.

- Linda Rosenberg
President & CEO | National Council for Behavioral Health

National Council 2016 Champions of Excellence Award

Supported by Relias


Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Services provides evidence-based, gender specific treatment for addiction, clinical depression, severe anxiety and emotional trauma for underserved residents of northern Michigan. In 2015, during their strategic planning process, ATS engaged in an organization-wide effort to enhance and standardize their training and workforce development offerings.

You can see all of the National Council Awards of Excellence Honorees here.


Addictions and Recovery

addictionFoundational Knowledge Certificate
(11 courses)

addictionAdvanced Certificate
(11 courses)


Fundamentals for Direct Care Staff and Managers

Fundamentals for Direct Care Staff & ManagersHuman Services Worker Skills/Development Certificate
(11 courses)

Fundamentals for Direct Care Staff & Managers

Management and Leadership Fundamentals Certificate
(12 courses)


Mental Illness and Recovery

Mental Illness & RecoveryDisorders and Symptoms Certificate
(11 courses)

Mental Illness & RecoveryTheories and Techniques Certificate
(12 courses)


Children's Services

Foundational Knowledge CertificateyFoundational Knowledge Certificate
(14 courses)


Integrated Health Care

Foundational Knowledge CertificateyFoundational Knowledge Certificate
(8 courses)

Non-profit partners such as the National Council work with Relias to ensure
the training we provide is integral to the success of behavioral health organizations.