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ElevatingHOME has teamed up with Relias to bring quality online training to home-based care providers.

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The Relias learning management system (LMS) simplifies enforcing, tracking, and reporting – while helping to maximize compliance and reduce risk.

You can deliver meaningful savings by providing top-notch training at a fraction of the cost offsite or classroom courses require.

Accessible, consistent content delivery boosts employee productivity and satisfaction.

Relias LMS

  • Full Administrative Functionality including:
    • Tracking and reporting course completions
    • Automated training plans
    • Ability to add custom courses
  • Course Crosswalks specific to each regulatory body (ex: CMS and state regulations)
  • 1300+ post-acute care courses* including:
    • Compliance training meeting state and federal regulations
    • Continuing Education and more

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ElevatingHOME Academy

  • Continuing education solutions for individual professionals
  • Easy to use, self-service, self-paced learning
  • Ability to track licenses and certifications
  • Token system allows you to purchase courses and assign them to others
  • More than 260 curses available

ElevatingHOME members receive 20% discount on all course content

*Subject to change due to certificate approvals