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Other Healthcare Industries

Simplify complex education requirements

Deliver the right CE to meet the evolving regulations and unique needs within government, public health managed care organizations and payors.

Rely on OnCourse Learning for continuing education across the continuum of care. We have our finger on the pulse of what’s vital to government, public health, managed care and payor organizations – from courses approved by the Commission on Case Management to unparalleled content on managing chronic health conditions to supporting telehealth initiatives.


With multiple libraries and an unmatched level of content breadth and depth, we have the content to support your organization’s certification and regulatory needs, while helping you promote wellness and reduce treatment costs. And our reporting system makes it easy to stay on top of these requirements.

Quality Other Healthcare Industries, Managed Care, Payors


Our unrivaled content is specifically aligned with your key performance metrics so you can secure continued funding for existing initiatives or additional funding for new initiatives.


  • Provide content on key population health issues
  • Keep up to date with infectious diseases, pandemics, such as Ebola or Zika, and changes in clinical practice
  • Offer training and certification programs for paid and voluntary caregivers
  • Increase the number of certified nurses
Regulatory Other Healthcare Industries, Managed Care, Payors


Leverage OnCourse Learning’s expansive catalog for education your organization needs to meet regulatory standards.


  • Reduce hospital acquired conditions and readmissions
  • Impact value-based purchasing goals
  • Improve utilization management
  • Meet CMS requirements
Patient Care Excellence Other Healthcare Industries, Managed Care, Payors

Patient Care Excellence

From clinical competence to supporting transition of care issues, our courses help you improve patient care skills for your staff, family members and volunteer caregivers. 


  • Develop community care outreach programs
  • Enhance ambulatory care capabilities
  • Promote interprofessional patient care teams
  • Support chronic disease management programs including PTSD, depression, obesity and diabetes
  • Unify continuing education across the Continuum of Care
Non-Clinical Skills Development LOther Healthcare Industries, Managed Care, Payors

Non-Clinical Skills Development

Healthcare professionals need more than just clinical skills. Professional development courses such as leadership, cultural competency and communication increase critical thinking and help your team stay in step with the constant evolution in healthcare.


  • Improve communication skills between patients, families and physicians
  • Promote healthcare ethics
  • Develop charting and writing skills
  • Increase multicultural awareness

Learning designed specifically for professionals in:

  • Government
  • Public Health
  • Managed Care
  • Payors