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Learning Platform

Our technology platform delivers.

Whether you’re looking to maintain compliance, recruit and train staff, or improve patient outcomes, our learning platforms make learning easy and education management trouble-free to satisfy your organization’s goals.

Designed to be easy, fast and flexible for your needs, our learning platforms are designed with organizations like yours in mind. They provide world-class content to multiple audiences in multiple ways. Your users can easily find what they want, when they want.


From our industry-leading brands like Nurse.com, Distance CME, Institute for Professional Care and Education, PearlsReview and ContinuingEducation.com, combined with our flagship corporate learning management platform CE Direct, OnCourse Learning delivers.


We do more than simply serve up content – our solutions are designed to simplify education and compliance training for administrators and managers, too. Rely on robust functionality to assign, track, monitor and report on your team’s activities using an intuitive and clean interface.


Our technology platform is built around a few key attributes to help you enhance your team’s knowledge and skills.

    1. Manageable: View and track your educational programs. Easily set reminder emails and run general progress reports on groups and individuals.  
    2. Configurable: Deliver the learning experience you want for your organization by creating your own content, importing existing courses, accessing our award-winning content — or combining all three.
    3. Engaging: Multiple learning modalities matched to the learning objectives keeps your employees focused by making education interesting and fun. Blended learning leverages multiple styles to cater to the way people retain knowledge.
    4. Memorable: Our socially networked experience includes real-time forums and peer-to-peer and instructor chat functions — building camaraderie and supporting an exchange of ideas.  

The right learning platform for your organization:

    • CE Direct
    • OnCourse Direct
    • OnCourse Direct Express

“I absolutely loved this course and have recommended it to my co-workers. This course has allowed me to be less reliant on my Spanish speaking co-workers and more independent in my day-to-day interactions.”

Heather R., MSN, RN

“Great idea for the people overseas. This is a lifesaver. Thanks a lot!”

Brian, Firefighter/Paramedic, Iraq

“I highly recommend this course because it is not only enlightening, but uses the wonderful educational technique of basing the concepts on clinical cases to make everything more memorable.”

Kenneth R., MD

“The CCRN/PCCN Certification Review series was a fantastic review course. The instructors were knowledgeable and concise. It not only prepared me for my PCCN exam, but also was a refreshing comprehensive review for my clinical practice on an intermediate care unit!”

Colleen R., RN, PCCN